Wholesale Tyres NZ

Wholesale Tyres NZ Ltd was established several years ago, we are not the biggest, the best or any of the adjectives used in describing exceptional qualities. What we are is a small independant tyre importer, answerable to none of the constraints of the larger corporates. We get great satisfaction from supplying a good quality product at a great price and with a smile as well.

We currently service most of the North Island, supplying to small and medium size companies from the King Country to Northland, while also shipping stockcar wheels all over the Island. We operate from our distribution centre based in Awakeri, just outside of Whakatane. We come from a trucking and speedway background so we understand the industry and what we're dealing with, especially for small and medium sized businesses. We aim to provide the best personal service to back our quality products.

From the Team at Wholesale Tyres NZ.

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