Our Privacy Policy...

We're not Facebook or a front for a Telemarketing multi-national! We're not trying to collect your data, we just want to sell you quality tyres at good prices, and back this with our great service.

We do not currently employ the use of cookies on our website. Unless you request a quote or email us via the links on this site the only information we retain is basic metrics data (non personalised) on website/page visits. If you do request a quote or further information via our Enquiry/Contact page then you will be providing us with an email address and, if provided, name and contact phone number details.

While we do retain this information we will not pass it on or sell it to third parties. It may be used to build our relationship with you and provide a better service, also we may send you information about future services or products we may offer.

Any personal information will be held on a virtual private server (computer) in a secure Auckland data center and at our company office.

Under the New Zealand Privacy Act - 1993 you have the right to access and correct your personal information. If you wish to do this then please contact us via the phone number listed at the top of this web-page or via the "Enquiry" link, also at the top of this web-page.

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