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Filter tyres on brand/size/purpose by selecting from the provided drop-downs below. You can see more detailed tyre information including an image by double clicking the tyre's row in the table below. Add specific tyres to your enquiry/quote request by clicking the button at the end of the tyre's row in the table below, or, on the detailed tyre info panels, repeat-click if you are after more than one of a particular tyre, alternately you can change the quantity on the "Contact" page. When you have selected all of the tyres you are interested in click here or on the "Contact" link on the top menu to go to the contact page to complete the quote/enquiry process.


Tyre Size:   
PatternBrandSizeView DetailsSteeringDriveTrailerAdd to Quote
ADR35 Windpower 9.5R17.5
AG398S OGreen 11R22.5
AT27 Austone 11R22.5
CR988 Toprunner 11R22.5
DD906 Inning 11R22.5
DS968 Inning 11R22.5
FT27 Fortune 11R22.5
SR301 Sierra 11R22.5
SR518 Sierra 11R22.5
SR568 Sierra 11R22.5
KA218 Knight 13R22.5
PD550 Pace 13R22.5
DA802 Greatway 215/75R17.5
SR562 Sierra 215/75R17.5
DA802 Inning 235/75R17.5
SR562 Sierra 235/75R17.5
FT58 Fortune 255/70R22.5
LM216 LongMarch 255/70R22.5
AG516 OGreen 265/70R19.5
FT27 Fortune 265/70R19.5
D960 Linglong 275/70R22.5
DT966 Inning 275/70R22.5
LAU603 Linglong 275/70R22.5
DD906 Inning 295/80R22.5
SR803 Sierra 295/80R22.5
ST957 DouPro 295/80R22.5
Y101 Dynacargo 295/80R22.5
LM168 LongMarch 385/55R22.5
LM168 LongMarch 385/65R22.5
LM168 LongMarch 435/50R19.5
HN829 Windpower 445/45R19.5

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